Our Story

Who We Are

Luvbo Jewels Gallery is a vintage art jewelry brand, with a distinct signature aesthetic. For some, jewelry is just an accessory…not for us! We believe that jewels are wearable works of art to explore and express our souls and to embrace our true values. Just like every individual, all our jewelry pieces are unique to reflect what you truly care about.

Our Inspiration

The driving force behind our designs is the passion for art. Our inspirations come from nature, fairytale, astrology and vintage glamour. Each jewelry piece tells a story and each gem carries meanings. 

Our Mission

We focus on offering an array of unique jewelry styles including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and more. The mission of Luvbo Jewels Gallery is to provide the very best art jewelry around with affordable prices that make an impact and add value to the lives of our customers.

Our Material

All our products are handcrafted and microset by hand. Our jewelry is made from a range of precious metals which are friendly to some of you with sensitive skin. There is no nickel present in our jewelry. And we have a stunning selection of precious and semi-precious gemstones each with their own magical properties and unique beauty.